One of the home services technicians I hold dear to my heart are Air Conditioning Technicians. The main reason being that I live in Sunny South Florida where the weather is scorching all year long (YES even in the “winter it is still pretty darn hot). If you live in Florida and your AC has ever gone out in the summer months, you sure know how much pain it truly is.

When ever my home air has gone out, the first thing I have done is hit google for a quick search of AC repair man near me. The FIRST thing I do is read a couple of quick reviews to pick which one to call first. It usually ends up being the one on top with the most reviews because then you know the most amount of people were satisfied with their services. If the first AC Company does not answer for whatever reason, I move to plan B, and call the next one.

One reason I am writing about AC repair people is because especially in Florida AC is not a luxury, but a necessary means of living now. When your AC is out, you want to go with the most reputable company. All too many times I have heard horror stories from friends who have been charged WAY too much due to not knowing.

One way you can ensure that your air conditioning will hopefully not break down in the summer, is to get your AC coils cleaned by a licensed technician prior to the summer months. This should usually be done once a year. Often people neglect the cleaning of the coils. This is always a good spot to start. Trying to let the ac technician know when the last time is was cleaned is great and can give them a little insight. If you find yourself stranded in the summer with now air, make sure you find a 5 star rated air conditioning company to come and service your AC.


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